Our Mission

Our mission is to design and drive strategic design- and human- centric innovation programs and organisational transformations through: pedagogical/education innovation, co-creation, design guidance, incubation and training projects becoming a catalyst at the center of engineering, architecture, science, psychology, and business.​

Our Vision

The vision of DI@SG is to be a leading design innovation hub that drives human centricity through impactful education, research, mindsets and principles through a transformational force across enterprises, governments, Singapore and beyond.​

Our History

In 2012, the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre (IDC) was launched, which aimed to become the world’s premier scholarly hub for technologically intensive design.

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In 2015, as part of the IDC, the Design Innovation @ Singapore (DI) platform was formed to organise and drive Design- and Technology-centred Innovation programs and initiatives for Singapore and beyond.

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In 2021, the DI team was integrated with the SUTD Academy to enhance our offerings as a provider of Continuing Education and Training (CET).

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