DI Principles

DI principles underpin the process and methods and act as a reminder of best practices, pushing designers, engineers and professionals to seek better solutions for their users and stakeholders.

These are selected DI Principles that are embraced by the DI team, that we commend to you and all our collaborators and clients. Please find the full list of principles here.

Creativity Throughout.

Creativity should occur not only during ideation but throughout the entire design process.

Make, Test, Learn, Repeat.

Willingness to turn ideas into action and rapidly iterate after testing is essential to design. Hands-on experience provides valuable lessons that cannot be replaced.

Empathy for All.

Empathy is required so that true needs are uncovered to open the potential for a desirable outcome that impacts stakeholders in a positive way.

Celebrate both the
Quantitative and Qualitative.

Utilising qualitative and quantitative data allows the design team to make observations that are both valid and insightful.

Also Can.

A positive and optimistic attitude is essential in discovering out-of-the-box ideas. Optimism, in supporting other’s ideas, is equally important for team coherence.

Appetite for Ambiguity.

It is essential to accept that the outcome of an innovation process is unknown at the start and novel solutions will push our comfort zones.

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