Singapore Good Design Awards 2022
Life in a Year Book

The Life in a Year book is one of the artefacts in the HappyUrns project meant to facilitate meaningful conversations around death with our loved ones.

The Life in a Year book means to encourage individuals to journey with a loved one in a year of their life, where individuals are able to fill the pages of the book in any manner they choose: collages, scrapbooks, sketches, journal entries, poetry, and even recipes or records of activities done.

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Celebration Kit

The Celebration Kit is about celebrating life and engaging the topic of mortality with special persons in our lives.

The prompts in the kit encourage individuals to reconnect to sensorial experiences and items that they value and would like the recipients of their kits to engage with. Items shared or bequeathed to recipients in the kits should serve as keepsakes and potential heirlooms to be shared and cherished in memory of the loved one.

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Design Innovation (DI) Methodology Handbook
DI Methodology Handbook

The DI Methodology Handbook is a catalogue of 35 Design Methods curated for learners who are introduced to Design Innovation (DI).

The handbook clearly explains the DI Methodology, as an integration of design and systems thinking, by considering the People, the 4D Process (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver), the essential Mindsets and Principles, and the Methods.

Since its publication in June 2021, it has benefited over 400 workshop learners, been released worldwide, and received extensive compliments and great feedback.

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